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Bean Bags R Us Australia Blog

What Dog Beds Are Best for My Dog?

While it may seem that dogs can simply lie down and sleep wherever and whenever they feel like it, the truth of the matter is that most dogs are very particular about their sleeping habits. If given a choice, they will sleep in a spot where they are most comfortable. Continue reading about  What Dog Beds Are Best for My Dog?

Is Bean Bag Filling Carcinogenic?

Bean bags and bean bag chairs have been medically proven to be ergonomically superior to most other types of furniture. The average person can avoid or relieve several health problems by sitting or lying on bean bag furniture, and it is prescribed by doctors for those suffering from certain conditions, including autism. Continue reading about  Is Bean Bag Filling Carcinogenic?

Is Sitting Down Really Bad for You?

Activities common to nearly everyone may pose health risks, and several recent studies suggest that even the most benign undertakings may have serious consequences. Several of these studies have proven to be shocking because they target one of the most universal activities in the animal kingdom: sitting. Continue reading about  Is Sitting Down Really Bad for You?

Is Recycled Bean Bag Filling Good for My Bean Bag?

To get the most from your bean bags and bean bag furniture, you will periodically need to replace the filling. After several years, even the highest-quality product will begin to lose its fullness and bounciness. The right bean bag filling makes a huge difference. In an attempt to save money or be environmentally sound, some people buy recycled polystyrene beads for their bean bags. Continue reading about  Is Recycled Bean Bag Filling Good for My Bean Bag?

Teacher Charged for Assaulting Student With Giant Bean Bag

Bean bags and Bean bag chairs have a multitude of uses in everyday life at home, at work and at school, but a teacher in Wales seems to have found a completely new use for this comfortable, ergonomic furniture. In 2011, a primary school teacher in Risca, Wales, was dismissed on seven charges of professional misconduct, one of which was for restraining a student with a giant bean bag. Continue reading about  Teacher Charged for Assaulting Student With Giant Bean Bag

Target Australia Recalls Bean Bag Chairs

Because of the mandatory standard for bean bag safety set by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), Target Australia has been forced to issue a recall of cheap bean bag chairs that were sold in Target stores across the country and online at Target.com.au from April 2014 to September 2014. The recall was issued in early October and affects anyone who purchased one of these items. Continue reading about  Target Australia Recalls Bean Bag Chairs