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Bean Bags R Us Australia Blog

Bean Bags Assist Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment

Researchers at the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute at Ohio State University have developed a new type of treatment board for breast cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy.

This new radiation board allows a patient to lie face down on his or her stomach in the prone position rather than face up in the supine position. Continue reading about  Bean Bags Assist Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment

Prince William Enjoys Bean Bags in Malta

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, had been scheduled to visit Malta for the celebration of its 50th year of independence, but she had to cancel her trip after suffering from morning sickness. Catherine and Prince William are expecting their second child, and the couple decided that he should appear in her stead.  Continue reading about  Prince William Enjoys Bean Bags in Malta

How to Decorate a Tree House

As Big Brother 2014 commences in Australia, fans are taking note of the new housemates and their living quarters. The new house is like no other before it, and one of its most talked about features is the modern tree house.

No one is exactly sure what role the tree house will play as the season progresses, but it is stylishly decorated with comfortable, contemporary furniture that includes more than one oversized bean bag chair. Continue reading about  How to Decorate a Tree House

How to Calm Down a Child

Raising a child has never been described as easy, but when children feel stress, anxiety, frustration and anger, special difficulties arise that many parents struggle to handle in a productive manner. In many ways, children are just like adults.

They have the ability to express the same range of emotions as grown-ups do. Continue reading about  How to Calm Down a Child

Bean Bags Public Safety Warning

Recent tragic events in America led to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and New Orleans-based Ace Bayou Corporation executing a voluntary recall of more than two million refillable bean bag products.

The products involved feature zippers that children can open easily. Once the zipper is open, they can suffocate beneath the cover material, or accidentally inhale the polystyrene bean bag filler. Continue reading about  Bean Bags Public Safety Warning

What is the Best Material for Outdoor Bean Bags?

Nothing beats lounging by the pool in the comfy softness of premium bean bag furniture. If you’re the proud owner of a Bean Bags R Us outdoor bean bag chair or lounge, you already know our outdoor products are the best on the market, but do you know why?

It’s because unlike most bean bag products made for the mass market, ours start with the best materials. Continue reading about  What is the Best Material for Outdoor Bean Bags?